2021 SDPL Spring into Steam!


Join us!

SDPL is partnering with local science experts and organizations to create a truly unique educational experience all focused on exploration and travel!

Our program is to decoupage a beautiful world map onto a large art canvas and accent with a full string of battery powered LED lights to illuminate points of interest. Perhaps countries or cultures you’d like to learn about or maybe even places you’ve visited or would like to visit. This inspiring illuminated canvas map will allow us to view the size and scope of our planet and act as a reminder of the diverse world that awaits just outside our door. Each participant will receive a free activity kit.

Set off on an adventure to explore new places, cultures, and modes of travel in this annual Spring into STEAM event.

This year’s STEAM Challenge includes 4 workshops.  Each workshop will reveal a secret code. Complete at least 2 different workshops and write the codes down on a piece of paper or on the bookmark below. Return to a library branch offering services to claim a pair of binoculars! 

Registration required. Ages 9-12.